Moon diary!

This science unit we have been focusing on space and the dactivity that we decided to do was to create a callendar on the moon phases for the hole of November. Some of the things that we had to include in our callendar were, a drawing of the moon phase, the date and day, the rise and set time, the phase of the moon and the percentage full of the moon. Some of the phases of the moon are crescent a bibbous, a waning gibbous, a waxing gibbous a waning crescent a waxing cresent, a full moon or no moon on that day. Waning means going and waxing means coming. So far I have really enjoyed this science unit and I have learnt so much  it is really funny when I think about what I used to think happens in space compared to what I know now. A pattern that I noticed was that for a couple of days it stays on the same phase.

Fun fact- Did you know that if you were standing on the moon you would see that the earth has phases and they are the same phases?

Here is a picture of my November Moon callendar.


What is something that you have learnt about the moon by doing this callendar?

VSEEC excursion.

Today two of the grades went on an excursion to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. This is a science place where they teach younger children about science. When we went to the science centre we learnt about Static Electricity and about Mars. When we focused on Static Electricity we started of by learning about positive and negative and that when you rub two things that either have a positive or negative bass that they will either attract to each other or repel towards each other. Then after that we made dancing robots because this unit was about normal electricity and how it is made. We first had to make a light globe lite up using a light globe, a battery and cabels. Once we had finished on that unit it was our turn to go to Mars so first we go into our space suits and get ready to go to Mars. OncYe we were ready our grade was split and half of us went to Mars and the other half went to mission control I went to mission control and our job was to make sure that the mission for the people on Mars was safe. We were in groups and each group worked on a computer, each computer was delegating a different important part my group andlooking after the air. That meant that our job was to make sure that the people on Mars had enough oxygen and that the bad air doesn’t leak into their suits. afyer the mission had completed we swapt over and we went into mission control. Again in mission control we had to be in groups and each group had a different job to do, my group and I were engineers. Also infront of you and your group was a computer and on the computer were a group from mission control and they are asking you some questions about the certain expererment that you and your group are doing. At the end you and your group had to evacuate because there was a virus and it wasn’t safe so we got out with 5 onds to go.

This has by far been my favourite excursion because it was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot.

Here are some photos from the excursion.
















What was your favourite part of the excursion? 

The planets

The other day we joined groups and we all received a planet to do some research on. The planet that my group and I received was Venus , once we had our planet we had to times the distances by one hundred and then we had to make our planet. After we made our planet we made a sun and after that we had to walk to measure the distances between the sun and all of the planets. We could only put Mercuary other wise we would have to walk to Hurstbridge. Here are some photos of the Process  image image image


Info graphic

Today we made an info graphic using data that I collected from the census at school website. An info graphic has to include eye catching statements, table of data images and colour and 4 analysis. image


What data did you collect?


Leadership talk with Sargent Shawn

This afternoon the grade fives had another leadership talk with a police officer Sargent Shawn. Some of the qualities that Sahwn menchend were…

You don’t need a badge to be a good leader because when you are in grade six all of the younger kids will look up to you as a leader even if you don’t have a badge. Something else that he menchend were that when you move up into the higher years in school everyone looks up to you as a leader with or without a badge.

Another quality that he spoke about was that the people around you will remember what you say as a leader and even if you forget everyone will remember your words and actions.

Something else that he spoke about was that if you are a leader and you are telling little kids what to do you should follow your own advice set a good example to the younger kids because they will follomw what you do and if you do the wrong thing they will do the wrong thing.

Something that the talks had in common was that they both spoke about was that by you being a leader younger kids follow what you do and say and they will remember your actions and words.

Things that they didn’t have in common was Mrs Montgomery spoke about teamwork and all those qualities and Shawn spoke about being prepared and challenging yourself.

What was something that you learnt and enjoyed about Shawns talk?

Leadership talk with Mrs. Montgomery.

Today we met up with our school principle Mrs Montgomery and she spoke to us about leadership and what is important about leadership and what are some of the qualities about being a leader. Some of the qualities that she menchend are..

Listening she said that it is important to listen to what other leaders and the people around you have to say because they can really have an impact on the desisions that you make as a leader.

Another quality that she spoke about is focusing on what is important because by focusing on what is important can have something to do with some desisions or changes that you can make as a leader.

Something else that she spoke about is honesty because being honest is a really important quality to have because the teachers will choose leaders that they trust and if you are not an honest person you will probably not be chosen for the job as a leader. Some of the things that you have to be honest about is if you break so,etching it if you have made a mistake and if you are honest about it the teachers will tell you something that you can do to fix it.

Trust your friends is another one. By being able to trust your friends as a leader you can talk to them about some desisions that you would like to make and get their opinion. By trusting your friends they can tell you if you desision is a good or a bad desision. You also have to trust the people on the team with you because you have to agree on a change before you make a change.

Stay strong is another quality that involves leadership by staying strong it means standing up for yourself and bouncing back if things don’t go your way.

Sense of humour is another very important quality because by being a leader you can make a joke here and there but you have to make appropriate jokes and only laugh with someone not at them.

Teamwork is a very important quality to have because when you want to make a change it isn’t just you who has to agree on the change and you have to involve yourself the teachers and the students because the desisions that you make in the school will have a massive impact on people in the school .

what is something that you learnt? 


Diamanté poems

Diamanté poetry

By Eloise

Hot, Sandy
Swimming, Splashing, Building
Places to go to on our planet Earth
Skiing, Freezing, Snowing
Cold, Windy

This week the poem that we focused on was a diamanté poem. We had to choose our topics and list some words that we wanted to use in our poem.  After that we had to draft it and then typed it up on our iPads. The reason that I chose these topics was because they are total opposites and I think that it would be easier to do it on things that are completely different to each other that way you can use different words.

What did you do your diamanté Poem on? 

This term our science unit is focused on space and the Luna system. Before I started this science unit I didn’t even know what the Luna system was the Luna system is focused on the Moon the Earth and the Sun and how we get day and night. Something else that we have focused on is shadows and the way light travels.

Something that I have learnt about each of those things is that. 1. The way that the Luna system works is that the Moon orbits the Earth while the Earth orbits the Sun. 2. S shadow is created when light is hitting one person or something but because light only travels straight it goes around something then you can see your shadow because you are blocking the sun from hitting the ground. 3. Light only travels straight from what ever angle it is on.

The thing that I found interesting was when I found out what a shadow was. I also had no idea how the Luna system works. I also found it interesting how light travels straight because even when it is in an angle because I always thought that if light is on an angle it would bend.

I didn’t even know that the Moon is 340,400km away from the Earth.

Sometching that I would like to find out is what is the exact size of the entire universe.

what has been the most interesting thing that you have learnt during science?

Today we played our second game of the season for interschool sport. My team played at Greenhils. The sport that I play is rounders. My team is GKB. We played our best game of Summer sport yet. At the start of the game the captains from both teams Sead what they needed to say. Then we had to do a toss up we chose roofs but flats one. We were winning during the hole game except the last innings.  The end scores were 30 to 34 their way. The hole team played great and our coach was very proud of us for our best game of the year.

How did your team go in inter school sport today? 

Shaddows 2

We went out again for another look at our shadows because the sun was out again.

image image


As you you can see here the difference between the Suns position has changed the size of my shadow. Because the sun was more to the west it was shining towards my face so that meant that my shadow was behind me.

What have you learnt in science today?