How to add widget

If  you want to add a widget you do it like this.

1. You start off in your blog in the home page. Then press the key in the left hand corner hit your blog and then press dashboard.


2. On the left hand side their should be something that says appearance then press widget.


3. There should be different widgets on the left hand side such as callendar tags and many more. Hold the widget that you would like to add then drag it to the right.


4. Finally add a title if you wish then press save and when you go back to your blog it should be there.

What kind of widget would you like to add?

What should a quality post include

What is a quality post

1. To write a quality post your should start with writing what you want to talk about.

2. Next you should add a photo if you would like to include one.

3. At the end of your post you should add a question. But make sure you don’t add a closed question.

4. Finally you should tag your post.

Would you include anything else in a post? And if so what?