Leadership talk with Mrs. Montgomery.

Today we met up with our school principle Mrs Montgomery and she spoke to us about leadership and what is important about leadership and what are some of the qualities about being a leader. Some of the qualities that she menchend are..

Listening she said that it is important to listen to what other leaders and the people around you have to say because they can really have an impact on the desisions that you make as a leader.

Another quality that she spoke about is focusing on what is important because by focusing on what is important can have something to do with some desisions or changes that you can make as a leader.

Something else that she spoke about is honesty because being honest is a really important quality to have because the teachers will choose leaders that they trust and if you are not an honest person you will probably not be chosen for the job as a leader. Some of the things that you have to be honest about is if you break so,etching it if you have made a mistake and if you are honest about it the teachers will tell you something that you can do to fix it.

Trust your friends is another one. By being able to trust your friends as a leader you can talk to them about some desisions that you would like to make and get their opinion. By trusting your friends they can tell you if you desision is a good or a bad desision. You also have to trust the people on the team with you because you have to agree on a change before you make a change.

Stay strong is another quality that involves leadership by staying strong it means standing up for yourself and bouncing back if things don’t go your way.

Sense of humour is another very important quality because by being a leader you can make a joke here and there but you have to make appropriate jokes and only laugh with someone not at them.

Teamwork is a very important quality to have because when you want to make a change it isn’t just you who has to agree on the change and you have to involve yourself the teachers and the students because the desisions that you make in the school will have a massive impact on people in the school .

what is something that you learnt? 


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