Leadership talk with Sargent Shawn

This afternoon the grade fives had another leadership talk with a police officer Sargent Shawn. Some of the qualities that Sahwn menchend were…

You don’t need a badge to be a good leader because when you are in grade six all of the younger kids will look up to you as a leader even if you don’t have a badge. Something else that he menchend were that when you move up into the higher years in school everyone looks up to you as a leader with or without a badge.

Another quality that he spoke about was that the people around you will remember what you say as a leader and even if you forget everyone will remember your words and actions.

Something else that he spoke about was that if you are a leader and you are telling little kids what to do you should follow your own advice set a good example to the younger kids because they will follomw what you do and if you do the wrong thing they will do the wrong thing.

Something that the talks had in common was that they both spoke about was that by you being a leader younger kids follow what you do and say and they will remember your actions and words.

Things that they didn’t have in common was Mrs Montgomery spoke about teamwork and all those qualities and Shawn spoke about being prepared and challenging yourself.

What was something that you learnt and enjoyed about Shawns talk?

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