Moon diary!

This science unit we have been focusing on space and the dactivity that we decided to do was to create a callendar on the moon phases for the hole of November. Some of the things that we had to include in our callendar were, a drawing of the moon phase, the date and day, the rise and set time, the phase of the moon and the percentage full of the moon. Some of the phases of the moon are crescent a bibbous, a waning gibbous, a waxing gibbous a waning crescent a waxing cresent, a full moon or no moon on that day. Waning means going and waxing means coming. So far I have really enjoyed this science unit and I have learnt so much  it is really funny when I think about what I used to think happens in space compared to what I know now. A pattern that I noticed was that for a couple of days it stays on the same phase.

Fun fact- Did you know that if you were standing on the moon you would see that the earth has phases and they are the same phases?

Here is a picture of my November Moon callendar.


What is something that you have learnt about the moon by doing this callendar?

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