This is a place where I’ll be giving weekly updates on our groups progress in this challenge.

Week 1 reflection

This week we started working on a project to reduce our impact the enviroment. In this challenge I’m working with Lily-Jade and Alexie. Together we came up with three solutions on how to reduce our impact on the enviroment, the three solutions we came up with were, to put buckets under the drink taps so the water that people don’t drink goes into the bucket and then we poor the left over water onto the garden beds. The second solution that we came up with was to go through the recycling bin and make a big pice of artwork using the things that we found to make a big sign saying do not litter.  The third solution that we came up with was how to be environmentally friendly, to do this we are going to do an announcement at assemberly saying that we shouldn’t litter we are going to mainly be talking to the preps because we are going to teach them that your actions can have a massive impact on the enviroment. After we have done that we will make a video saying that when you litter it can be washed down the drain and go into the ocean and kill animals. After we make the video we will make a poster and put it up around the school saying that it is wrong to litter.

Im really enjoying this activity and can’t wait to keep going next week. 

Week 2 reflections

this week we have been continuing on our CBL challenge  this week our group has come so far compared to last week I think that that is because we are a bit more focused. This week our group decided on our preferred thing to do to help the environment, we chose the how to be environmentally friendly  to do this we are going to make a speech at assembly on what an impact littering has on the enviroment. Once we complete this we will make a video on what littering does and say that we shouldn’t do it anymore, then we will make posters and hand them up around the school reminding people and telling them not to litter. After we chose our topic we filled in all of the keynote and showed Miss May  once Miss May had approved we started working on making a script for the video. That is where we are up to

what is your groups chosen solution? 

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