This morning we went out side to look at our shadows and and find out what is a shadow. I learnt that to create a shadow you need the sun and light. A shadow is like your reflection but you can’t actually see yourself. A shadow is created when the sun joined with light shine on you and that is when you can see yourself on the ground.depending on what way the sun is facing that depends on weather your shadow is infront or behind you.

We had to trace our shadow in the morning and we were going to see the difference between the morning and the afternoon. But when we went out in the afternoon we couldn’t see our shadow because the clouds were covering our shadows.


This is a photo of my shadow in the morning. But because the the sun was in the East it was shining on my back so my shadow was infront of me.





This is a photo of my shadow that was traced. We traced it because we wanted to see if the shadow would eventually change size because of the positioning of the sun.



In this photo you can’t see my shadow because the sun is being covered be all of the clouds.


This is a photo of my traced shadow in the afternoon bit because the sun is being covered by the clouds you can’t see me standing infront of my traced shadow.

what is one new thing you have learnt in science about shadows today?






Yesterday the grade fives started their first science session based on space. Their task was to predict what happens in the Luna system. To do this we went into our science groups and predict the difference between night and day. Then we got out our science journals and we had to draw how we think the Luna system works.  We had to draw where we think the Earth the Moon and the Sun are placed and their size.



This is how I think the Luna system works, although I may be wrong this is just what I think happens. I can’t wait to find out if I’m right or not, and if I’m wrong I can’t wait to find out how the Luna system actually works.

What have you learnt so far about the Luna System?

Haiku Poems

Today on the 6th of October that grade five students focused on poetry. The type of poetry that we focused on was Haiku poems. I learnt a lot of things about Haiku poems starting off with the word Haiku is from Japan. I also learnt that in a Haiku poem the lines have to have a certain amount of syllables, the first line has to have 5 syllables the second line has to have 7 syllables and the third line has to have 5 syllables also. A Haiku poem can on the have 3 lines also. You can write a Haiku poem on anything you like. Here is an example of a Haiku poem that I have written.


The fields are growing

Very cute creatures are born

Wind blows through my hair

What is something that you learnt about Haiku poems today?

Cause and effect

on the 24th of August the class had a focous on cause and effect. Cause and effect is when something happens that is the cause and the result of it is the effect. E.g I ate a lot of cake (cause ) as a result there was no cake left (effect). The task that we had to complete was making a table while watching a video we had to watch the video and write Dow the cause and effect of something that happerened in the video.


How would you describe cause and effect?


On Friday the 14th of August the netball Commets played Glen Kathrine A at their school.  We started off buy introducing ourselves and figuring out who takes the first Center pass. The game started off great and Apollo got the first goal. At half time we were in the lead. We kept playing for the next half. The end scores were 11 to 22 their way.

I believe that the hole team played great and worked together well.

how did your team go in sport this week?


image image image image image image

On Wednesday the 5th of August the grade fives went to Montmorency Secondary College to learn about the qualities of being a leader. We learnt some strategies like initiative, co-operation, participation, persistence communication and team work. To learn this we were split up into coloured groups. I was in Mustard. We had to complete many activities using these values. They were fun and I learnt heaps. An activity we had to complete was the M and M game. The reason Monmorency prepared this activity was to show us that being a leader takes persistence. I think that Montmorency Secondary College is a great school and uses these leadership qualities well.

What leader ship role are you thinking of going for? 


On Friday the 31st of July the Commets B played Diamond Creek East at our home ground it was really cold. We started of ready to play the Commets A went first. We watched their game to get some ideas. When it was our turn I was off in the first quarter but I still had to watch my team play. When it was my turn in the second quarter I played Center DCE took the first Center pass of the quarter we know that we had to be strong  because there a strong team. I played the second and third quarter and was off for the fourth. In the end the Commets B won 10 to 16 our way I recon that it was our best game of the season.

How did you go in inter school sport this week?


In a huge flood the five animals that I would choose to save would be a horse because I love horses. I would also save a horse because if I didn’t  they might be extinct and I won’t be able to ride horses anymore.

I would also save a lamb because I’d need something to eat on the long trip. I would also save a lamb because I think that they are so cute.

Another animal that I would save is a dolphin because they are they are another one of my favourite animals. They are also a very pretty animal that I’ll miss seeing in the ocean.

Teh forth animal that I would save would be a cow. The reason that I would save a cow is because they are my favourite meat, steak. They also produce milk and I love to drink milk.

The final animal that I would save would be a flamingo because I think that flamingos are really smart animal. I also think that flamingos are really pretty.

If you were in this situation what animals would you save?