Diamanté poems

Diamanté poetry

By Eloise

Hot, Sandy
Swimming, Splashing, Building
Places to go to on our planet Earth
Skiing, Freezing, Snowing
Cold, Windy

This week the poem that we focused on was a diamanté poem. We had to choose our topics and list some words that we wanted to use in our poem.  After that we had to draft it and then typed it up on our iPads. The reason that I chose these topics was because they are total opposites and I think that it would be easier to do it on things that are completely different to each other that way you can use different words.

What did you do your diamanté Poem on? 

Haiku Poems

Today on the 6th of October that grade five students focused on poetry. The type of poetry that we focused on was Haiku poems. I learnt a lot of things about Haiku poems starting off with the word Haiku is from Japan. I also learnt that in a Haiku poem the lines have to have a certain amount of syllables, the first line has to have 5 syllables the second line has to have 7 syllables and the third line has to have 5 syllables also. A Haiku poem can on the have 3 lines also. You can write a Haiku poem on anything you like. Here is an example of a Haiku poem that I have written.


The fields are growing

Very cute creatures are born

Wind blows through my hair

What is something that you learnt about Haiku poems today?